Educate Your Patients so They Can Better Refer

Well informed patients:

  • Understand the importance of regular chiropractic care & keep their appointments
  • Refer friends for the same chiropractic care they rely on
  • Bring family members with them to their appointments

Send your ToYourHealth e-newsletter with your contact information to your patients every two weeks for only $12.95 per month.

Or save 10% and pay an annual cost of $139.86.

With it you receive:

  • An unlimited number of patients.
  • Add/update patients/subscribers whenever you like.
  • Initial patient upload assistance.
  • Your photograph and contact information are included on each newsletter.
  • Referral opportunities as patients forward your e-newsletter to family & friends.
  • Your information is included in e-newsletters to consumer subscribers in your portal.
  • Broadcast email tool for communicating other information to patients, such as appointment reminders, office updates or product information.

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With the alarming rate of SPAM and various other deceptive practices on the Internet, we are under far more scrutiny and subject to much greater penalty than ever before.

As such, please review the following information:

  1. Only patients who have explicitly requested your patient newsletter should be added to your newsletter database.
    • Adding e-mail addresses for non-patients or patients who have not explicitly asked to receive mail from your office, significantly increases the chances of being flagged as a spammer by recipient mail servers (i.e.,, etc..)
  2. Messages sent through the newsletter system's broadcast and individual patient reminder functions should contain relevant content aimed at improving your patient's health and wellness.
    • Sending messages to patients that contain information which is not pertinent to their health and wellness is another way of potentially being flagged as a spammer. This degrades sender reputation and decreases deliverability.
  3. Because mail providers frown upon the sending of e-mail to addresses which have been returned because they do not exist on the provider's network, we will begin removing these addresses (known as Hard-Bounces) automatically.

To assist with deliverability, we will also begin including a message in each newsletter encouraging your patients to enter your e-mail address in their e-mail allowed list (white list).

In our efforts to increase deliverability of valuable health and wellness information to your patients, we ask that you carefully consider this important information with every patient you add to your list and every (broadcast/individual patient reminder) message you send.

It is also important to recognize that a failure to observe these actions by some members, ultimately affects all members. Please do your part to protect our collective sender reputation and preserve deliverability and thus have a positive impact on your patients' health and wellness.

As we continue to revamp our sending engine and evaluate all aspects of deliverability, we will report violations of this policy. We reserve the right to suspend functionality in order to preserve our sender reputation and ensure deliverability.

Tell your patients to file a report to their ISP when your TYH newsletter has been blocked. The ISP has the power to change the way mail is filter on these networks, we don't.

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